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11.11.2014 um 0.05 – Maria Kai

For some time now, I’ve listened to Drab Majesty aka Deb DeMure – a young man shrouded in low flowing stage clouds of mystery. A man I know little or nothing about, but undoubtedly looks like Bowie and sounds Depeche Mode’ish – or in other words like the past, thirty someting years ago. He has only released two albums ‚Unarian Dances‘ (2012) and ‚Disorder vol. 1‘ (2013). He is from LA and a small growing scene of guys with haunting, deep, sexy voices, producing danceable catchy tunes. In the same genre one can mention Dinner, a Danish singer also based in LA with a very similar dark/sad-wave, mid-fi sound.

The only thing I am certain of is, that this guy makes some really good songs – especially ‚Pragmagick and ‚Pole Position‘. He is one to keep an eye on.



14.07.2014 um 17.23 – Maria Kai

In these lives we write ourselves, some amount of madness is bound to take place – the Roskilde Festival is of the planned and organized kind, but no less bone pinching. It is a temporary parallel universe each participant is sucked into and spat out of anywhere between 2-10 days later. For many the festival acts as an annual catalyst, to an everyday full of expectations and pressure with nowhere to blow off steam. One would think that putting thousands and thousands people together out on a dirty field filled with music, alcohol, drugs and reptilian leveled brains, would be a recipe for disaster, but it is the most caring and loving experience year after year. 

My first Roskilde Festival was in 1996, together with 90.000 others I experienced David Bowie, Björk, Nick Cave, Patti Smith and Rage Against the Machine. I was a 16 year old grunge girl, kissing in my tent at night with an Australian cray fisher. I refused to look in mirrors or wash my hair for five days, instead carefully remembered to eat my plate and cutlerey, as it was made out of cornstarch to reduce waste. Those four days changed my life, Bowie was a vampire on stage, I’d seen people make love out in the open, the sun set on tower high dust clouds, peed everywhere I felt like, been drunk, stoned and ecstatic. All I could think of was next year. And so it went for 16 years in a row. 2012/13 I lived in Berlin/USA, so 2014 was a huge comeback and this time yours truly was assigned the international press team for This is Jane Wayne.     

This year Roskilde Festival broke the all time audience record, with a total of up to 130.000 guests (including volunteers), and is expected to be able donate 2,5 mio euros (!) to charity and cultural projects. Yes Roskilde has always been a non-profit organization, which makes it even more cool.

2014’s music line-up was dominated by big, safe broad-audience-appeal names, not exactly bend-over-backwards original. Personally I had hoped to see more from the fast evolving (American) psychedelic rock scene, such as Black Angels, The Entrance Band, Wooden Shjips, as well as low-tech punk names like The Garden. Instead big commercial acts like Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, Outkast and Drake (who cancelled, but was replaced by ever cool Jack White) headlined the festival, which presumably is what people wants and has led to the big, and very positive, financial surplus.

So what was the most memorable music experience at this years Roskilde? Well admittedly, sometimes the bigger the better – Major Lazer made app 60.000 people take off their clothes in front of the legendary Orange stage at 1-2 am in the morning and litterally full-on rave together. And then oldies, but goodies – Rolling Stones also pulled off a power manifestation of a show.

Biggest dissapointment? That would be Connan Mockasin and his entourage, that arrived straight from France and seemed very out-toured, in comparison with the two other, unforgettable shows I’ve seen with them.

Most miserable personal fail? Not realizing that Liars were playing. And extremely unfortunate, the memory card in my big Canon camera jammed or got moist, deciding not to work and I didn’t bring a back-up. That ment all photos were shot with my iPhone, far from ideal – but oh well it’s got an edge to it.

Each day was as sunny as the day before, and sitting here in rainy Berlin now, thinking back on the food, the toilet stench, all the pretty people and their phenomenal way of looking out for eachother, it’s nearly a little unreal what took place only a week ago on that grass-field. 

Only other thing to say is: you have to experience it for yourself! Take a look at the photo-diary below, where I take your hand through four days of music and people – once done I am sure I will see you next year! Tak Roskilde Festival for staying wild, and letting us run wild, leaving our minds expanded with never fading impressions. 


Arriving at Roskilde and seeing all the little tents, is always a massive adrenalin
buid-up. The next days anything can and will happen!


The International Press team did a remarable job, everything was very well organized – we even had tents pitched upon our arrival, with an air mattress, down duvet and small bag with info, poster and a Roskilde flask! What more could one ask for!?


Finally ready to dissolve in the crazyness – here me to the right and my date for the day and dear friend Nadja at EARL SWEATSHIRT, that some how managed to scream everyone out of the tent…


Warmin up for Rolling Stones with friends: Emilie Guldbrandsen (left), stylist at Unique Models, and Carla Camilla (middle) founder and director of Artrebels and Nadja.


Style sighting was something I had looked very much forward to, but realized that most girls were running a sporty version of the old Kate Moss festival look; sneakers, cut-off shorts, tank-top, mens-shirt and a fanny-pack…


ROLLING STONES a shaky shot from an unforgettable, nostalgic dance party, that left my legs trembling. A walk down memory lane, that made thousands of people sing all the classics like ‚Can’t get no satisfaction‘ – goosebumbs that’ll give you!


My Friday date – Danish jewelry designer Vibe Harsløf looking sharp and stunning.

Billede 04-07-14 17.54.56

The very palatable vodka Our/Berlin (my personal favorite) , had somehow found it’s way to the festival.


CONNAN MOCKASIN in silk pajamas and siberian hat, serenading his audience with languid songs of caramel and dolphin love.


Connan making people take off their clothes (a trend this year) and dance together.


Really liked the look this guy had, would totally wear it myself‘IMG_7216


DAMON ALBARN delivered a tremendous show with Gorillaz AND De La Soul as guest performers.


Style is what you make it – these beautiful girls took festival looks to a whole new level!


Love the gladiator sandals.


The Norwegians has a bit more preppy take on things – no less inpressive at a dust-filled festival



foto 1(12)

MOGWAI was a post-punk wall of guitar, a beautiful, continous hazy drone to float away on.


BLACK PUS aka Brian Chippendale is a psychedelic-noize drumming force pf nature – a unique experience one needs to be in the right mood for.


Excellent bird hat!

Ran into this amazing wild babe on the way to my tent.


ROB ZOMBIE is a category of his own. The higly charismatic, pop-metal hell raiser, flexed his true American showmanship and left us all a bit jaw-dropped.


ICONA POP. The Swedish pop-due par exellence was the perfect place to start a day with childhood friends Anne Marie and Ida, filling Saturday with endless laughs, cold beer and unrestrained dancing.


Reaching closer to festivals end, so are the human ressources. Here a guy foreseeing the German fussball victory (?)


Can’t get enough of this guy! So sweet and what an out-fit!


Americans had found their way to the festival too – slightly overwelmed by the hedonistic approach, but equally ’stoked‘.


MAJOR LAZER. Lost for words. To put it short: an out of body-climactic rave experience!! I haven’t danced that hard or intense and never together with 60.000 others, taking off their clothes and smiling euphorically – was just mind blowing.


Goodnight Roskilde, slumber well till I see you next year, for more loving, surreal otherworldlyness.



26.05.2014 um 19.44 – Maria Kai

Little over a year ago I by chance came across the video for the song Valtari by Sigur Rós. It numbed me. I am not particularly fond of modern dance – find that the movements of the dancers, in the often minimalistic settings, so exaggerated and it’s all very twisted, bend and braided. By contrast the elastic bodies of the dancers in Valtari not just depicts, but are a story of love so credible, it leaves you teary eyed with awe. The crackling sound of the girls fingers against the dilapidated walls of the abondened factory is haunting. The video has been watched by almost a milion.   

When the much bigger American PR machine for Sia’s new song Chandelier finally reached my attention too, and I heard of its exploding viewer rates (15 mio+), and sudden youtube phenomenon status, I was expecting to see a new ground breaking form of video. But no, it was another simple (yet captivating) dance video with a young girl, embodying the emotions of the lyrics, in a run-down, shabby apartment.     

Is this a lyrical, dramatized look at how we feel post the much talked of financial crisis? Post acceptance of the inevitable global heating? Abandoned work places left for ruin, and houses falling apart, as we unsure of ourselves, become unsure of eachother. When the bigger outlines of life (like the world economy) crumbles, our concepts and ideals for relations does too. Employment might slowly be rising, but so is the numbers of divorces.
Its just a thought, my take on the two videos, that I believe must have something at core in common, since they appeal to us so strongly. Regardless both makes me want to burst out the door, run the  streets and take on a wild pas-de-deux with the devil.





03.05.2014 um 1.16 – Maria Kai

I dissapeared, comepletely, I know. But this couch surfer life I am living makes it hard to even find the time to search, save and upload the photos you need to make an interesting post. It’s certainly not because there isn’t a milion things to write about. Since I left Copenhagen the 29th of March I’ve spent time with the most beloved fascinating characters in Berlin, New York, Denver and Toronto, and slept on about 11 different couches and beds. 

It’s time to start somewhere and I will do that with my great friend Eden Sela – it would be a crime not to share her beautiful music. She is a petite figure with a captivating personality (half Mexican, half Irish), and a voice that will linger in the back of your mind for days. She sings and records personal stories right on the floor of her Bushwick apartment, some of them are taking to studio recordings, some are not. I often like her home recordings best (like the album Stragglers, a collection of rough drafts and songs that didn’t make it to the finished album), cause they are like entering a room or a landscape, so very curious and personal that I feel priviledged to even enter it.

Bring your ears to her bandcamp page, where all her music, very generously, is free to download.

Your can also find her on Facebook a long side upcoming show dates (mostly in the US and Canada)







24.03.2014 um 16.45 – Maria Kai

It is that time again, the time to hit the roads and scramble unknown streets. This coming Friday I have to move out of my current lodgings, the basement of my best friends house. The plan from there is as follows. First I go by bus and spend three days in Berlin, from there I fly to New York and stay for five weeks. Its a mesmerizing city and I look so much forward to meeting up with old friends and see what they have been up to, since I was there last time September 2011. It is also an expensive city, so armed with banana bread, water, a map, my sturdy legs and a subway card, I am gonna do what I love the most – visit as many museums and second hand shops as possible. But not just Mahattans big old dinosaur buildings of modern art, no the mission is to find small museums, overlooked and hidden away, even difficult to access. And on the way hopefully do a few discoveries; find a nice coffee shop, be the curious observer, do a bit of writing and snap some photos. Researching for this trip has already provided, what looks to be really exciting day trips. Here is what I have found so far, but cannot tell you if they are any good yet. If you have tips or recommandations off the beaten track for New York, please write a note in the comments below – all suggestions are greatly appreciated!


The one I am most excited about, is Jackson Pollock‘s old house and studio, out in East Hampton. They are only open three days a week, May-Oct and is 5-10$ in admission fee. It takes 3 hours+ to get there by public transport from Manhattan/Williamsburg, and takes a cab ride (or good walking skills) to get the last 6 km to the house.

830 Springs-Fireplace Road
East Hampton, NY 11937-1512
Phone: 631-324-4929
Fax: 631-324-8768  



Also in the Hamptons you willl find The Dan Flavin Art Institute, one of Dia Art Foundation’s sites outside NYC. It takes 2-3 hours by public transport to arrive. Currently exhibits John Chamberlain: It Ain’t Cheap – Saturday, January 12, 2013 till Sunday, April 27, 2014. Admission is free.

Corwith Avenue off Main Street,
Bridgehampton, NY



Being a melancholic romantic at heart, it is a must to travel to Hudson and visit the beautiful mansion Olana. I do not yet know much about it, but have read on their page following description:
„Named for a fortress treasure-house in ancient Persia, Olana was the home of Frederic Edwin Church (1826-1900), one of America’s most important artists, a student of Thomas Cole, and a major figure in the Hudson River School of landscape painting.“

It takes 2 hours+ from NYC by train and is a 9$ admission.

5720 Route 9G
Hudson, NY 12534



On a different note I am also keen on getting to experience The Noguchi Museum and garden in Long Island. It was founded and designed by Japanese-American artist Isamu Noguchi (1904–1988), and opened in 1985 for the display of what he considered to be representative examples of his life’s work of stunning sculptures. It takes app. 1 hour+ to get there by public transport from Manhattan/Brooklyn. Admission is 10$.

9-01 33rd Road (at Vernon Boulevard),
Long Island City, NY 11106
Phone: 718.204.7088



The Neue Galerie is a museum, devoted to German and Austrian art. Being European one might think it is better experienced back in Europe, but this place holds something quite spectacular. Housed in the former Fifth Avenue home of the Vanderbilt family, this lush institution is a project of cosmetics mogul and devoted art collector Ron Lauder. Its collection includes a top selection of works by Paul Klee, Egon Schiele, Josef Hoffman, Max Beckmann. By Gustav Klimt, is displayed one of the most famous and expensive artworks in the world.
Centrally located, but with a staggering 20$ general admission fee.

1048 Fifth Avenue (at 86th Street).
Manhattan, NY



The Frick Collection is what one might call ‚an embarrasment of riches‘. Founder Henry Clay Frick was of a rare combination – he had both money and taste. The legendary museum is housed within his mansion. It has a special-exhibitions program, but the permanent collection in itself is breathtaking; Rembrant, Vermeer, Edgar Degas and it goes on. This is also a 20$ cold cash admission, but I am guessing well worth it.


1 East 70th Street
New York, NY 10021
Phone: 212-288-0700



Last, but not least, I would like to visit The National Museum of the American Indian (New York). It is a small museum tucked away in Lower Manhattan, that besides showing beautiful Native American (contemporary and historic) artwork, also has an ongoing exhibition Ramp it Up about skateboard culture in Native America.

Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House
One Bowling Green
New York, NY 10004
Phone: 212-514-3700



17.03.2014 um 22.34 – Maria Kai

It has been storming steadily the past couple of days here in Copenhagen and chilly winds has kept me inside, feeling (and looking) a bit fury. Eventhough the little flowers are up and about, it feels more like autumn than spring, which made me think of a song an old friend of mine has made. Simon Hebetoft Hansen is a very talented singer-songwriter and late November last year he made this recording in the backyard of another old friend’s house in Amsterdam. Its light-wolly melancholia of lost love is the perfect track, while I build a cave in my bed, where i can hide with chocolate and good movies.



Musik by Simon H. Hansen. Video by Laerke Nissen
Currently the video only comes in this format.

More Bloglove //
Meet Sophia & Maria, Dana & Joyce und Dani

17.03.2014 um 13.18 – box1 Janes Wir


Versprochen ist versprochen: Unser Mikro-Blog-Netzwerk tristete lange ein viel zu unübersichtliches Dasein – doch damit ist ab sofort Schluss. Ganz in der Mitte unserer Seite wartet ab sofort das Neueste aus unserem Blognetzwerk – von unseren Perlentauchern für euch. Kay & Evelyn, die bezaubernde Maria und Liv kennt ihr längst – Sophia & Maria, Dana & Joyce und Dani liefern die nächste Ladung Girl Power, erzählen uns ihre Geschichten und nehmen uns mit in ihr ganz persönliches Universum. Aber nun erstmal der Reihe nach:

Dürfen wir vorstellen? Partners in Crime Dana & Joyce aus Berlin, die liebste Weltenbummlerin Dani aus London und die furchtbar großartigen Zwillinge, Sophia & Maria, aus Berlin: weiterlesen


13.03.2014 um 17.26 – Maria Kai

My latest band crush are the 20-year-old twin brothers, Fletcher and Wyatt Shears, who makes music as The Garden. Hedi Slimane obviously already discovered them a year ago or so, and took some suave b/w photos of them. Their gender bender, cross-dress, anything goes kind of style, I find deeply appealing and sends thoughts trailing back to Kurt Cobain – though only in regards to style, music wise these guys are very low-fi in sound and approach. Maybe some of you have already heard them as they played in Berlin and Hamburg 18-19 th of February this year, while on their European Tour (no show in Copenhagen). I truly hope these videos can be watched in Germany, as I know a lot of the youtube videos are not made available, but unfortunately there are no vimeo alternatives (that I could find).
I find that The Garden are part of an all boys, no-rules, no-bullshit driven wave of bands these years, related to Danish punk/noize bands like LowerCommunions, Age Coin, Skurv, and Iceage and many more (all from the label Posh Isolation), that play with signals, gender and identity. Although a different genre and in a different way, Mykki Blanco, LE1F, and Zebra Katz should also be mentioned, for bravely mixing things up and offering a different view and sound on the status quo. Two faced one, like a friend of mine would say.   

I am a girl that wants to be a boy that plays a girl.

Check out their Facebook page for coming shows:

And Bandcamp for music:









All photos are a mix of randomly googled images from the www.



07.03.2014 um 23.27 – Maria Kai

This pure eye-candy series of cover-shots, is from the pre-spring 2012 i-D magazine, Whatever The Weather issue. And it has been sitting in a folder on my desktop right around ever since then, just waiting for the right time and place to be shared – and that moment has finally arrived! In this issue i-D magazine celebrated The Year of the Dragon, or Chinese New Year (2012), with these mesmerizing fashion portraits, photographed by China’s avant-garde fashion photographer Chen Man. These images is my personality expressed and styled in other womens faces. Spring is here – let’s all unfold like saturated crazy colour bombs!











CONNAN MOCKASIN, you have my ears!

18.02.2014 um 15.27 – Maria Kai

Last Saturday luck smiled at me and I was very fortunate to get into the completely sold-out concert with Connan Mockasin, at Bremen in Copenhagen. I had only recently heard about him and his spectalcular performances and took instant liking to the music – so it was a show not to be missed. And boy am I glad I didn’t! Their performance was what in Danish is called ‚Total theater‘, where nothing is completely rehearsed, so a lot is improvised as the evening unfolds. For instance at one point a band member of Japanese descent enters the stage in a kimono with a big, white duvet and sits down in it. As if drifting on a cloud, she waves at the audience, while saying ‚Zaaank yyoooou Connan Mockasinnn‘ with a heavy Japanese accent. And him sitting down next to her, their suddenly was a strong reference to the Yoko One and John Lennon ‚Bed Peace‘ performance in Amsterdam, 1969. Several times Connan dissapeared into the audience with his guitar and played from there, looking up at the stage like the rest of us. The blurred lines he works within are very fascninating.

His visual expression is a wonderfully absurd, humorous, kitsch and with a soft-subtle devil-may-care attitude.

Connan Mockasin, age 30 (born Connan Tant Hosford), is thought of as a psychedelic-pop musician and is originally from Te Awanga, New Zealand. His Europe tour is about to come to an end, with only a few shows left in France and Switzerland. But with 40.000+ likes on Facebook and 670.000 plays on youtube of the song ‚Forever Dolphin Love‘, from his latest record Caramel (released Nov 2013) – I am confident we have not heard the last of him.

Interview with Cobra Rock Boot Company

10.02.2014 um 14.01 – Maria Kai

In my #1 · Dear Santa… wish-list post (1/12-13), I wrote about The Cobra Rock Boot Company and how I coveted their stunning ‚South Highand Boots‘. By way of my own stubornness, I can now declare that I am the proud and happy owner of a pair! So beware out there, as soon as the sun comes out more permanently, so the rain and snow wont hurt my babies, I will be strutting around like a dapper rooster on any and every sidewalk, showing them off.
On our roadtrip to Marfa we had the opportunity to visit the shop and take a look at where the hard work happens. Unfortunately Cole and Logan (the amazing owners), where out on travels, instead their sweet friend Ariele took excellent care of us. It was very surreal to suddenly stand in the room surrounded by the shoes and tools that I had stared and stared at on my google image research. And seeing the bag with my name on, pulling out the boots smelling of the thick, fat leather and then turning them over to see the mahogany dark, glossy polished leather soles, soft like two pieces of amber – I kid you not, I nearly shed a tear. No such emotion can a pair of factory, mass produced boots from China ever evoke.

Here is a little post-visit email interview I did with Logan and Colt about working with your hands every day and how that effects their life.  

– Living in small town Marfa in Texas, making boots on old machines in a traditional and hard-on-the-hands kind of way – do you ever feel time travelling, when visiting fx LA or NYC?
A little bit! Life is definitely slower here. Marfa is a wonderful place since it’s geographically isolated, but culturally rich with artists, musicians and writers either living here or traveling through. We love that we’re able to watch a sunset over the West Texas plains where antelope are grazing and then go to an art opening when the stars come out. 
– Has this way of living changed your views on life?
We feel very fortunate that we are able to make a living doing what we love, especially in a small town. We are both from rural communities and thought we would need to move to a larger town or city to be able to do the work we want to do.
– What is the most challenging part of your lifestyle/work?
Some of the boot-making steps are physically demanding, but honestly just keeping up with our orders is the most challenging part. We know that is a good problem! We spend the majority of our time making the boots people have ordered, so we are slower on making new designs than we would like. Balancing production and new creation is our current challenge. 
– How long does it take to make one pair of shoes?
We can make more than one pair at a time, but the whole process takes about two weeks to make a pair.
– There is a 6-8 months waiting list for a pair of South Highland boots selling at 500$, and they are increasingly sought after. Do you have any thoughts on how come your boots has gained such success?
We wanted to make a boot for women that was good looking but as tough as a work boot, using the same techniques that handmade cowboy boot makers have used for a century. Colt apprenticed with a cowboy boot maker near his home town in the Panhandle of Texas and made custom cowboy boots for several years before starting Cobra Rock. Marfa draws people who are interested in art, architecture, fashion and design, so we are lucky to have customers who appreciate our handmade process. We have tried to make a modern boot that pays tribute to the place and history around us.
– Do you have plans for expanding your production to include other leather goods? (fx bags, other styles of boots etc)
Yes! Last year we were able to enlist the help of a few West Texan bootmakers to help us work on certain steps, and that has enabled us to have more time to design. We have a lot of plans for 2014! Expect more styles, colors and leather products coming from us later this year.



IMG_3920 a video snippet of the shop.











All photos by me


07.02.2014 um 0.01 – Maria Kai

There are endless piles of boring paper stuff I need to sort out (my life in general), most is online nowadays, which leads me straight to the shore of the world wide ocean web – I plunge in and are gone for hours. Here’s some fine little things caught, while goggling around.

Which Twin Peaks character are you? Take a test!

Kindda wanted to be Audrey, but guess I’m not sly enough. Or the Log Lady! When I did it again and changed my choice of song I got Laura Palmer, so I stick with Agent Cooper. He’s cool and I’m a coffee addict.

Screenshot 2014-02-06 23.37.21
Damn I wish I got to scream just half as often as Björk.

Which 90-s alternative rock girl are you?

Unknown Film by Alexey Kiselev, photographer from Russia



Deeply fascinated by Russian human doll phenomenon Valeria Lukyanova


This freaked me out, but can’t stop looking at it. Pic is from some recent show,
but cannot figure out which.



04.02.2014 um 12.47 – Maria Kai

And then it went. That month of heavenly pleasures and endless fun and I am already sitting like a stuffed animal, tucked away in woolly jumpers, holding hot coffee mugs, with a slight frown on my face at the weather outside. Uff… only late in life I realized how little I care for snow and ice, although in vast landscapes its grandeur holds such stunning beauty. But here the ice is snot-yellow and I am constantly about to fall on my ass from the icy roads and people look grumpy, and so do I. Admitted I have been terrible at updating my little blog-space in here, but it is the same thing that happens every time. I am so excited about everything and think that I will be writing and posting about it all the time. But then life happens and I get completely consumed by it and forget about the lap top – except instagram, cause it is so easy and I snap photos of all the marvelous things I see.

My friend Jordan and I embarked on a roadtrip to Marfa. We stayed at the El Cosmico greatly designed by Liz Lambert, it’s a bit pricey, but you can stay in anything from Safari tents to re-decorated Airstream trailers, fully equipped with kitchens and outdoor hot tubs. On a star-strewn night, with a bottle of wine and good company, you are garanteed an unforgettable time.  

Well finally it here it is, 2nd Texas travel photo-essay. And while looking, listen to this, the Allah-Las


This is ab old post office still in function! No one ever see anyone there, just hear their voices.
Reminded me of the police station in Twin Peaks.

In Texas people still dream of cowboys and Indians.


And people are old school and still hold hands..


There are forever many churches in Texas,,,



Jordan trying to woo the cat pack


in love with cats forever



First night in a Safari tent with heated madrasses – it gets cold at night in the desert.




Ever wanna play a game of pool, call me.



El Cosmico – I can strongly recommend staying there, although a bit pricy.





‚The Pinky‘ our trailer


The biggest dog I ever saw, possibly the size of a pony.

Outdoors shower, freezing but fun.




All photos by me – some of them up on my instagram: _JohnnyBob

Alice in Wonderland

14.01.2014 um 1.49 – Maria Kai

Reaching destinations is not always as easy as it often looks. Every time I have embarked on a journey to America, it sure has felt ‚destined‘, but it has taken a lot of legwork too – was never just handed over. People often wonder how I get to spend several months away on tourist visas with no income. I see how that may be puzzling, as I am no rich kid.

There is no secret to it – only priorities. Unlike 94% of my friends: 
· I do not care for a career – thus no steady income, only freelance writing/pr/assisting jobs.
· I do not have an apartment – all of my treasures are now on third year kept in a storage facility. 
· I do not have a boyfriend/husband
· I do not have children/pets
· I do not have a car/nice bike
· I do not have any insurance

At my age that might sound sad to some, but everything comes at a price and what I do have is:
strong health, a good imagination, invaluable friends, wanderlust, and a hell of a lot of  f r e e d o m
and boy do I know how to make the most of that!

The only way I can afford extended stays in the States is by endlessly grateful, move in with my wonderful friends, and in return offer to cook, clean and declutter their homes (or whatever they may need a helping hand with). It has become a lifestyle that I am increasingly addicted to. Probably because it is the most difficult, as I am only allowed to stay 3 months on a tourist visa, not allowed to earn any money, do not drive, have to live on other peoples terms and never know where to stay once I return to Cph. In between, Berlin acts as second home, but since I have never managed to overcome the simple task of learning German, I always end up leaving Berlin too. In other words a lot of moving around and not a lot of predictability. 

Sometimes I wonder if there are a few or many like me out there, that do not feel destined to follow only one path in search of a prestiges position? Being well educated it makes me feel guilty not to contribute more and also unambitous – the latter at least in the eyes of other people. But in fact I know what I want and I go straight for it. I want to be in America, because I find that it is one of the few places where fiction dissolves reality and vice versa. And to me there is nothing more interesting than that fine line. Things here are all too real, but more often just surreal. I feel like Alice every time I enter this vast Wonderland. I am so fortunate to find extraordinary people, living unordinary lives and get to observe them first hand. Being the late bloomer I am, some day I’ll write y’all a big book about it! 

Here is part 1 of my Texas travel photo-essay.

High above the Canadian winter wilderness

Chicago from above

We couldn’t get landing permission because of the snow blizzard

Chicago is home to The Chicago Blackhawks professional ice hockey team.

Layover and delayed.

My dear friend Jordan and her entangled kitties Lenny and Nico

Still cannot believe that I get to stay here. Glorious!


Room with a view like no other. Feel blessed every morning I wake up and look out.

If ever in Austin, visit this rad shop: Uncommon Objects. Your wallet is bound to hurt.



Treasure hunting (thrift shopping) in Savers or Goodwill is one of my top 5 favourite things to do



Have a great sympathy for cacti and succulents..

– and low lit bars…

This beauty my friend Jordan rescued from certain death New Years eve. Now I bob arond with her.

Lenny snoozing in my armpit

Where did the river go..? #globalwarming

Really into psychedelic rock – always have been.

Meeting the warm hearted locals at Lone Star Bar




One of the great things about local bars around the US is their no-bullshit Jukeboxes.
More soon to come on our roadtrip to Marfa!

Navajo jewelry. Welcome to Texas.

09.01.2014 um 7.41 – Maria Kai

It has been such a trippy travel getting from rainy grey Copenhagen to Austin (or more precisely Jonestown) Texas, that is has taken me a while to collect my thoughts. I have though been very diligent on Instagram for those who cares about that, have a look at: _Johnnybob.
There is so much to show and tell, that I have decided to boil things down a bit. Remember the beautiful Cobra Rock Boots I posted about earlier? Well tomorrow morning my friend Jordan and I will go on a small roadtrip 8 hours from where we live to Marfa and visit the shop + interview the people behind these very fine boots. And next week  I will have my Tarot cards read by the epic lady and longtime blogger Angeliska – but more about that soon.

First I will share an old obsession – Navajo or Native American jewelry. The great thing about being in The States is (amongst other), that you can buy stuff on ebay only sold in the US, or with almost no shipping cost. Taking great advantage of that these days! Here are some of my crushes that hopefully will not end up costing me too much. So stunning!