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Track des Tages // Luna Luna – „Epiphany”“

12.03.2014 um 16.22 – Allgemein Musik

luna luna

Hinsichtlich Luna Luna geht es mir ähnlich wie den Mädchen von PonyDanceClyde. Schockverknallt und blitzverliebt, etwas anderes kann beim Anhören der New Yorker Musikerin auch kaum passieren. Zwar frage ich mich, aus welchem Grund man sich bloß „Luna Luna“ nennt (ich muss da aufgrund vergangener Chart-Stürmer eher an weniger wohltuende Töne denken) und was dieses pitschnasse Facebook-Profilbild da soll, aber das soll bloß eine lächerlich unwichtige Nebensächlichkeit bleiben.

Viel interessanter ist schließlich die Tatsache, dass wir es hier mit einer waschechten Newcomerin zu tun haben, in Sinne von „der Youtube Clip hat bloß 23 Aufrufe“ – und das, obwohl das Debütalbum schon am 20. April erscheinen soll. Hä? Wie dem auch sei: Die Musik ist so einfach wie brillant und gehört genau deshalb gehört: weiterlesen

CONNAN MOCKASIN, you have my ears!

18.02.2014 um 15.27 – Maria Kai

Last Saturday luck smiled at me and I was very fortunate to get into the completely sold-out concert with Connan Mockasin, at Bremen in Copenhagen. I had only recently heard about him and his spectalcular performances and took instant liking to the music – so it was a show not to be missed. And boy am I glad I didn’t! Their performance was what in Danish is called ‚Total theater‘, where nothing is completely rehearsed, so a lot is improvised as the evening unfolds. For instance at one point a band member of Japanese descent enters the stage in a kimono with a big, white duvet and sits down in it. As if drifting on a cloud, she waves at the audience, while saying ‚Zaaank yyoooou Connan Mockasinnn‘ with a heavy Japanese accent. And him sitting down next to her, their suddenly was a strong reference to the Yoko One and John Lennon ‚Bed Peace‘ performance in Amsterdam, 1969. Several times Connan dissapeared into the audience with his guitar and played from there, looking up at the stage like the rest of us. The blurred lines he works within are very fascninating.

His visual expression is a wonderfully absurd, humorous, kitsch and with a soft-subtle devil-may-care attitude.

Connan Mockasin, age 30 (born Connan Tant Hosford), is thought of as a psychedelic-pop musician and is originally from Te Awanga, New Zealand. His Europe tour is about to come to an end, with only a few shows left in France and Switzerland. But with 40.000+ likes on Facebook and 670.000 plays on youtube of the song ‚Forever Dolphin Love‘, from his latest record Caramel (released Nov 2013) – I am confident we have not heard the last of him.