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Alice in Wonderland

14.01.2014 um 1.49 – Maria Kai

Reaching destinations is not always as easy as it often looks. Every time I have embarked on a journey to America, it sure has felt ‚destined‘, but it has taken a lot of legwork too – was never just handed over. People often wonder how I get to spend several months away on tourist visas with no income. I see how that may be puzzling, as I am no rich kid.

There is no secret to it – only priorities. Unlike 94% of my friends: 
· I do not care for a career – thus no steady income, only freelance writing/pr/assisting jobs.
· I do not have an apartment – all of my treasures are now on third year kept in a storage facility. 
· I do not have a boyfriend/husband
· I do not have children/pets
· I do not have a car/nice bike
· I do not have any insurance

At my age that might sound sad to some, but everything comes at a price and what I do have is:
strong health, a good imagination, invaluable friends, wanderlust, and a hell of a lot of  f r e e d o m
and boy do I know how to make the most of that!

The only way I can afford extended stays in the States is by endlessly grateful, move in with my wonderful friends, and in return offer to cook, clean and declutter their homes (or whatever they may need a helping hand with). It has become a lifestyle that I am increasingly addicted to. Probably because it is the most difficult, as I am only allowed to stay 3 months on a tourist visa, not allowed to earn any money, do not drive, have to live on other peoples terms and never know where to stay once I return to Cph. In between, Berlin acts as second home, but since I have never managed to overcome the simple task of learning German, I always end up leaving Berlin too. In other words a lot of moving around and not a lot of predictability. 

Sometimes I wonder if there are a few or many like me out there, that do not feel destined to follow only one path in search of a prestiges position? Being well educated it makes me feel guilty not to contribute more and also unambitous – the latter at least in the eyes of other people. But in fact I know what I want and I go straight for it. I want to be in America, because I find that it is one of the few places where fiction dissolves reality and vice versa. And to me there is nothing more interesting than that fine line. Things here are all too real, but more often just surreal. I feel like Alice every time I enter this vast Wonderland. I am so fortunate to find extraordinary people, living unordinary lives and get to observe them first hand. Being the late bloomer I am, some day I’ll write y’all a big book about it! 

Here is part 1 of my Texas travel photo-essay.

High above the Canadian winter wilderness

Chicago from above

We couldn’t get landing permission because of the snow blizzard

Chicago is home to The Chicago Blackhawks professional ice hockey team.

Layover and delayed.

My dear friend Jordan and her entangled kitties Lenny and Nico

Still cannot believe that I get to stay here. Glorious!


Room with a view like no other. Feel blessed every morning I wake up and look out.

If ever in Austin, visit this rad shop: Uncommon Objects. Your wallet is bound to hurt.



Treasure hunting (thrift shopping) in Savers or Goodwill is one of my top 5 favourite things to do



Have a great sympathy for cacti and succulents..

– and low lit bars…

This beauty my friend Jordan rescued from certain death New Years eve. Now I bob arond with her.

Lenny snoozing in my armpit

Where did the river go..? #globalwarming

Really into psychedelic rock – always have been.

Meeting the warm hearted locals at Lone Star Bar




One of the great things about local bars around the US is their no-bullshit Jukeboxes.
More soon to come on our roadtrip to Marfa!

Hold on TEXAS, momma is coming over!

03.12.2013 um 0.55 – Maria Kai

A bit improvised, I have chosen to resolve a two-part problem in one big Kirkegaard’esque leap. Copenhagen is, unfortunately even for a native with an extensive network, a very difficult city to find an affordable place to live. And with an academic background in the arts, and the recent years recession, related jobs are not exactly hanging on the trees. The standard of living is high, but so are the prices on everything – not a lot of shabby places for you to fix up DIY style – it’s all been done for you, but at a considerable cost. So trying to settle back into the cadence of Copenhagen, after spending most of the past two years in America and Berlin, where everybody hustles, but the cities are bigger – it is not panning out as easy as I had hoped. Fact is, I have to move out of my current apartment January 2nd. Having not found a new place and with scarce funds – what is a girl to do? Trying to untie that Gordian knot has caused a bit of a headache – hence the recent silence here on the sub-blog.

It is the month of Christmas and therefore wishes, but wishful thinking I have been doing a lot of, and enough of lately. So I have granted myself my biggest wish up front – and that is to leave Copenhagen and all worries behind and go visit my beautiful friend in TEXAS! Yes, on the 2nd of January I will see my dear friend Jordan again. She lives in a house 30 km northwest of Austin and I can’t wait to hang out with her all of January. There is talk of line-dancing, horseback riding, road trips, long hikes and if I get the chance to go to church AND try to shoot a gun, my contradictory nature will undoubtedly relish. The excitement and relief is enormous, although aware that it is not the most responsible way of handling things. No less looking forward to take any reader I might have, with me around the dusty corners of Texas. Any tips and recommendations are greatly appreciated!

– learn how to dance at home!








Cowboy Rounding Up Wild Horses