Nike Jane & Sarah Jane, Founders

This is Jane Wayne is a blogzine for fashion lovers, dreamers, explorers, and young women who want to be themselves — not carbon copies of everyone else.

The brainchild of founders Sarah Gottschalk and Nike van Dinther, This is Jane Wayne stands for authenticity and inventiveness, for the perfect balance between entertainment and smart food for thought. The trained journalists have been girlfriends for 16 years and business partners for 5, and share a philosophy that drives everything they do: fashion isn’t just a consumer phenomenon, but also a social one that needs to be explored. Through This is Jane Wayne, Gottschalk and van Dinther take their reader by the hand as they explore fashion, jewelry, music, culture, interior design, beauty, life and other topics that matter to the 21st Century woman.

This is Jane Wayne has continued to grow. During the years, the team brought on new writers:

The Team:

Left to right: Julia Korbik, Franziska Giovannini, Fabienne Sand, Julia Koch, Sarah Gottschalk, Sarah Radowitz & Nike van Dinther

Sarah Radowitz who covers beauty, health and body, Julia Korbik who writes on feminism and politics, Julia Koch who in into Fair Fashion and Slowing Down, Elina Neumann who covers beauty self-experiments, Fabienne Sand who helps to capture the voice of black women and on top has a passion for good music & Franziska Giovannini who is Head of Sales.