Advertisement The earth is what we all have in common, so it’s on us to make responsible decisions whenever possible. Choosing @tencel_europe fibers may be one of them – here are 5 reasons why they’re so good (for us and the environment): 1. They are derived from the renewable material wood coming from sustainably managed forests which means these trees require less water and no toxic peptides as they grow. 2. They can fully revert back to nature because they are certified as compostable and biodegradable – and made with the help of a responsible closed loop production process. 3. They are soft, flexible, gentle to your skin and last longer than cotton. 4. You can’t only find them in nice dresses, but in sportswear, home wear and home textiles, in shoes, underwear and denim, too. 5. TENCELTM regularly works with the environmental charity „One Tree Planted“ to support global reforestation – all by planting trees! Whoop #TENCEL #FeelsSoRight #CheckWhatsGood



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