Advertising I’m running late, I haven’t been outdoors for two weeks now, homeschooling is my new anti-talent, my brain likely already morphed into yelly, I accidently deleted a freshly written article this morning and I cracked a new „unread messages“ record recently, which leads me directly to one of the strongest relationships of my life. When @uggineurope asked me about my real life heroes, I didn’t have to think long (maybe for the first time in weeks): THANK YOU TEAM JANE WAYNE FOR BEING INCREDIBLE. Incredible talented, unique, fun, smart and gentle (with me). Thank you for having my back even in my darkest moments. Thank you for being you. Sarah, Julia C., Franziska, Fabienne, Ourania, Julia K.. I think I’m very lucky. And pls excuse the occasion ️ #FEELUGG #FEELLOVE



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