Advertising It is nearly impossible not to stumble across TENCEL️ while shopping for anything made of fabric lately. But what does it mean? I’ll help you out pretty quick: TENCEL️ is an environmentally responsible brand that produces the so called „fibers of the future“ TENCEL️ Modal and TENCEL️ Lyocell. Both are biodegradable, compostable and made from renewably sourced wood from sustainably managed forests, using water that is recycled during the process again and again. Thus they can fully revert back to nature Until then the soft and strong cellulosic fibers are used for everything from bedding, shoes or underwear to casual- and active wear. So  #CheckWhatsGood and look out for @tencel_europe if you are craving for new favorite pieces – to contribute to the change the fashion industry needs so bad Thank you.  #DressForYourEnvironment  #TENCEL  #FeelsSoRight Music: Jupiter Flynn.



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