Berlin: Illustrative 2011 – outstanding artwork from all over the World

21.01.2011 Allgemein, Event, Kultur, Berlin

“The artist‘s world is limitless. It can be found anywhere, far from where he lives or  a few feet away.“*

Luckily there’s one place that keeps us from searching, one place that brings together outstanding artwork from all over the world: Berlin – The venue of this year’s Illustrative. Illustrative is the leading international forum for contemporary illustration and graphic talents of these days.

Once a year creative minds from all directions team up to create a Seismograph of innovative trends. The festival presents new talents, exchanges ideas, marvels at progressive technologies, rediscovers forgotten styles and  shows how the visual effects spill into and influence the field of art.

Painting, drawing,  installations, papercraft, book art and animations – It celebrates works from established illustration to the latest generation of young artist. A key aspect of this encounter is the The Young Illustrators Award given to the most intuitive submissions of each genre. In an interactive journey through visual environments, 600 pieces in total by more than five dozens contributors will be shown from 23 September to 2 October 2011.

Beside one central exhibition, some 100 events mark the return to the heart of the German capital. Conferences, a film program and parties further stimulate the inspiring creative atmosphere. For sure. The artist‘s world is limitless. This summer a part of it can be found at Illustrative.

*quote: Paul Strand
Pictures: Illustrative 2010 via.

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