Anzeige / How does your „Planet Escape“ look like? Is it your sofa where you watch one of those fantastic ‚coming of age‘ series? Is it nature and a long walk with a good friend? Is it a crazy dance move in your apartment you’ve improved over the last months? Desigual and MirandaMakaroff teamed up again for another beautiful collaboration and invited me to say good bye to reality for a moment and think about my „Planet Escape“ that I enjoy most when I am all alone (simply because it’s is pretty rare at the moment). Or it’s the opposite: When I have my very best friends around me (you know who you are!) I don’t need much right now beside good vibes, empathy and some vibrant talks. But I should definitely give myself more space to be all alone to have time to understand, reflect and breathe.  Sounds strange in times like these. Maybe yes. But having kids and a major home project is pretty exhausting right now. „Planet Escape“ should be a shameless happy place – and you should decide how it looks like. Don’t forget to escape reality from time to time like you need it. It gives you the energy to „survive“ these days and everyday’s struggle, to bloom and to stay positive. #desigualxmirandamakaroff



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