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21.02.2011 Allgemein, Mode

Two sisters, one mission: Infect the world with a virus. A virus to delete apathy from any DNA. A virus to implant consciousness in the shimmering world of high end fashion.

„We are identical twins who are identically fascinated with the world of art, eastern philosophy, traditional yoga, literature, photography and a higher consciousness.“ Anja and Sandra Umann, two creative minds, two advocates of the art of conscious living, that teamed up to translate public awareness into high end fashion. In 2009 they gave birth to UMASAN – a holistic, vegan brand that is calling on people in every walk of life to use the power of innovation to bring about a change. Maybe it‘s the twins‘ strong relationship that makes them sensitive to the power of nature. Their passion for life‘s beauty, that opened up their minds for sustainable clothes.

But, above all, it’s the insight that there‘s no need of any animal product to stand the claim of fashion lovers.

In the world of UMASAN being a good designer isn’t just a matter of expressive style. This Brand is not another good-looking eco-label, it’s a statement: „And a tribe dedicated towards all things aesthetic, sustainable, vegan and mindful.“ No cashmere, no leather, no wool or fur. UMASAM-fabrics are chosen through the eyes of sustainability. More than using status-telling fabrics, Luxury is to have a choice.

Love for the people, love for animals and nature is, what it‘s all about: „It`s important for us that all of our Quality’s are sourced from European mills and production facilities.”

The main inspiration of UMASANs upcoming Fall/Winter Collection is based on Yoga within all it’s aspects. Within style and the responds to the needs of a new generation with an increased sense of sustainability. Silent colours and pure black, that becomes a colour of light. Matt and shiny fabrics, forms and functions merging with content, demanding further movement. “UMASAN brakes through boundaries of beauty dogmas and invites its followers to a shift in paradigm, social responsibility and true individuality.” Yes, we are followers. And we are infected with UMASAN.

All pictures via Umasan and OkCool.

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