26.08.2013 Liv Lundelus

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The other day I got up way before sunrise, for an early morning photoshoot by the beach.
I thought I might fill you in with a little of my latest makeup artist work here in Sydney,
especially as you Berliners are usually up for a little street style!
It was lovely being able to see the sun peeking up above the water and while I was doing the makeup on location in the dark, (with some work lights obvsly) it turned out to be a great shoot.
More on the edgy street style side as opposed to my romantic, dreamy wedding shoots.
The model was a great talent Shana who is signed with The Agency Models in Sydney.
The photos are by the aspiring fashion photographer Jack Grayson.
There is something magical about working in Sydney, while I am as super busy and working the early and the long hours it feels like the sun recharges me in the meantime.
P.S: Even if you are not in Australia, don’t forget to wear your SPF daily girls, to keep your skin glowing, healthy and young!

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