26.08.2013 Liv Lundelus


Stained lips image via Fashion Gone Rogue
One of the challenges with daily makeup is how to find a cute lipstick that is kiss proof and doesn’t budge throughout the day.
I am not a fan of most long wearing lipsticks for a good reason: They do stay, but they don’t last nicely.
Instead they dry the lips and flake off over time. Not nice.
Most of the lovely hydrating creamy lipsticks that so look gorgeous however wear off rather quickly.
Which is fine, if you are happy to top up your lipstick. This is definitely the better option.

A perfect solution however is to use a Lip Stain! They stain the skin of your lips for the day without changing the texture. It’s pretty big at the moment you see natural stained lips a lot on the catwalks lately. If you prefer a sheen, you can easily wear your favourite gloss over the top, just a dot in the center of your lips, will give you the volume and shine you love without turning everything into a sticky mess. As a professional makeup artist I love using Becca Beach Tint, Stila Crush Lip and ans Cheek stain, and Benefit Tints they all do great stains in a wide colour range.


How to master the stained lip:
1.Exfoliate your lips first, to make sure you remove all dry skin.
2. Moisturize your lips with a hydrating lipbalm.
3. Remove excess lipbalm by pressing lips onto a tissue.
4. Apply lipstain- let it set for a few seconds. Layer lipgloss over the top if you like.
5. KISS!


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