Little over a year ago I by chance came across the video for the song Valtari by Sigur Rós. It numbed me. I am not particularly fond of modern dance – find that the movements of the dancers, in the often minimalistic settings, so exaggerated and it’s all very twisted, bend and braided. By contrast the elastic bodies of the dancers in Valtari not just depicts, but are a story of love so credible, it leaves you teary eyed with awe. The crackling sound of the girls fingers against the dilapidated walls of the abondened factory is haunting. The video has been watched by almost a milion.   

When the much bigger American PR machine for Sia’s new song Chandelier finally reached my attention too, and I heard of its exploding viewer rates (15 mio+), and sudden youtube phenomenon status, I was expecting to see a new ground breaking form of video. But no, it was another simple (yet captivating) dance video with a young girl, embodying the emotions of the lyrics, in a run-down, shabby apartment.     

Is this a lyrical, dramatized look at how we feel post the much talked of financial crisis? Post acceptance of the inevitable global heating? Abandoned work places left for ruin, and houses falling apart, as we unsure of ourselves, become unsure of eachother. When the bigger outlines of life (like the world economy) crumbles, our concepts and ideals for relations does too. Employment might slowly be rising, but so is the numbers of divorces.
Its just a thought, my take on the two videos, that I believe must have something at core in common, since they appeal to us so strongly. Regardless both makes me want to burst out the door, run the  streets and take on a wild pas-de-deux with the devil.




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