For some time now, I’ve listened to Drab Majesty aka Deb DeMure – a young man shrouded in low flowing stage clouds of mystery. A man I know little or nothing about, but undoubtedly looks like Bowie and sounds Depeche Mode’ish – or in other words like the past, thirty someting years ago. He has only released two albums ‚Unarian Dances‘ (2012) and ‚Disorder vol. 1‘ (2013). He is from LA and a small growing scene of guys with haunting, deep, sexy voices, producing danceable catchy tunes. In the same genre one can mention Dinner, a Danish singer also based in LA with a very similar dark/sad-wave, mid-fi sound.

The only thing I am certain of is, that this guy makes some really good songs – especially ‚Pragmagick and ‚Pole Position‘. He is one to keep an eye on.


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