#2 · Dear Santa…

– Second unabashed wish is the remarkable coffee table book ‚Wilder Mann‘ (2010) by photographer Charles Fréger. Fréger set out to capture the essence of lost tribal Europe, through 19 European countries. From France to Romania via Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Sardinia, he focused on the remainders of pagan cultures and their rituals through the common myth of the wild man. When I stumbled on the photos from this book, my mind went haywire with joy and associations to other things that I have noticed lately, as current themes of our present/post crisis times (more on that soon). Also I did not know old Europe had in fact gone that far wild in the woods. Love the colors and surreal element to it and the dressing up in nature. Suddenly the old folk tales read to me as a kid at Rudolf Steiner School (Waldorf), makes a whole lot more sense.

Take a look at what Charles Fréger has done else and where he exhibits:




Wilder Mann 064

Wilder Mann 067

Wilder Mann 087


Wilder Mann 082

Wilder Mann 078

Wilder Mann 077

Wilder Mann 053

Wilder Mann 050

Wilder Mann 003



(All photos courtesy of Charles Fréger)

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  1. Maria Kai - Copenhagen Artikelautorin

    @yellow –
    So happy you liked it! More to come in a little bit on this subject, with equally stunnning photos.
    xMaria Kai


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