There are endless piles of boring paper stuff I need to sort out (my life in general), most is online nowadays, which leads me straight to the shore of the world wide ocean web – I plunge in and are gone for hours. Here’s some fine little things caught, while goggling around.

Which Twin Peaks character are you? Take a test!

Kindda wanted to be Audrey, but guess I’m not sly enough. Or the Log Lady! When I did it again and changed my choice of song I got Laura Palmer, so I stick with Agent Cooper. He’s cool and I’m a coffee addict.

Screenshot 2014-02-06 23.37.21
Damn I wish I got to scream just half as often as Björk.

Which 90-s alternative rock girl are you?


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Unknown Film by Alexey Kiselev, photographer from Russia



Deeply fascinated by Russian human doll phenomenon Valeria Lukyanova


This freaked me out, but can’t stop looking at it. Pic is from some recent show,
but cannot figure out which.


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  1. vroni

    here i am, NOT writing on my thesis but procrastinating, damn ; ) but thanks, of course i tried all the tests – and i am björk too! so, the „very-optimistic-björk“-me is going offline, right now!! 😀


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