– „Girl power for me is just being comfortable with yourself“

Titel_KatVinterLive gesehen und schockverliebt! So und nicht anders hat es sich angefühlt und ist’s geschehen, als die schwer schöne Australierin vergangene Woche auf die Bühne trat. Da war sie plötzlich und will seither nicht mehr fort gehen aus meinem Kopf: Kat Vinter

Die Musikerin war in den letzten zwei Jahren sehr fleißig, nicht nur im Berlinerin sein, sondern auch im Songwriting und überzeugt uns seither mit hübschen Songs in Dauerschleife. Und ja, für mich können Songs durchaus hübsch sein. Sooner or Later zum Beispiel, oder Stoneheart. Kats Musik lässt nicht nur meine kleinen Härchen am Arm schwingen, nein, man will all die Töne und Texte am liebsten komplett verinnerlichen. Ich will mehr Kat und schreie ganz laut: Girl Crush! 


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Dear Kat, what are you wearing today and why?

I’m on an off day on the I Heart Sharks Tour, so I’m wearing my trusty and comfy vintage Levi’s denim jacket, Topshop extra tall black jeans and black Vagabond boots. I’m in a „lazy coffee“ outfit mood….

What specifically denotes you and your character?

character1_natureloving_KatVinter (nature loving)

character2_introspective_KatVinter (introspective)


Which role does Girl Power play for you and what does it mean for your music?

In this industry I end up working with a lot of guys, (I’m the only girl on the tour bus right now!) and so most of the time I really end up feeling like one of the boys. I’m very relaxed in this environment because I’m so used to it….Girl power for me is just being comfortable with yourself…and really owning and being responsible and involved as possible with your music/image/creative projects. It’s a common thing to have a female artist as the face of music created by other people….but I’m working and collaborating as a writer on every single thing I put out. Girl power is about doing it for yourself!

What do you say, as our Power Girl, about feminism?

It makes me feel a bit weird when people think there’s no need for dialogue about feminism/sexism anymore….As a female artist your quite vulnerable to anonymous online trolling and just people being generally awful. (I only pay attention to the lovely ones though!) There’s a lot of misogynistic behaviour out there… as a younger artist in previous bands it used to be quite damaging to my sense of self.. (one says „don’t wear that you’re too fat!“ the other „eat a fucking sandwich“) so I guess now I’m a bit more experienced I don’t care as much when someone tells me how to look etc but it’s a shame that attitudes like this are so common! I’m always reading stories about Iggy Azalea getting fingered at concerts and Grimes being asked by guys if she needs any help or advice creating her music. So it’s pretty obvious to me that there’s still some discussion to be had on this topic… 

We are naturally super excited about your new song SOONER OR LATER – can you explain what it’s about without words?

Sooner or Later was written at a time when I was battling with uncertainties about the future, not knowing what was going to happen to me, how I would survive… normal human stuff. So the song was about trying to come to terms with feelings of being out of control and trying to accept that good things will happen, terrible things will happen….just have to roll with it. Sometimes when everything feels like it’s falling apart it’s actually giving you a whole new opportunity and perspective on life.  

Welcome to the either/or universe:

Boots or Sneakers? BOOTS! 

Dress or Pants? PANTS!

Quiet or Noisey? NOISEY!


Boys or Girls? BOYS!

Open Air or a walk? A WALK!

Black&White or Colorful? BLACK AND WHITE!

Sweet or Salty? SALTY!

If your life was a movie or a TV Series, what kind of genre would it be?

Adventure & drama.

 Your current favorite song and your all time favorite?

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…favorite song of all time: maybe a bit cheesy but the original version of Without You by Harry Nilson. It kills me every time… 


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Where can we find you when it’s 22°C outside in Berlin? Where will you be at 9°C and rainy weather?

On both occasions its likely that I am in the studio feeling either quite sweaty or quite cosy

 Your absolute must-have item for a fashion girl’s spring season?

Vinatge Levis denim jacket! 

 The summer is going to be …

…an adventure!

 Your most favorite Instagram pictures from your profile and your personal stories… 

Live with my buddy Julian. Our first tour of germany and we just realized we want to be on tour forever…

Insta2_KatVinter Julian dressed up as a wizard. Just because he is a tiny wizard genius.

Pic my sister took when i went home to Australia in summer… i used it as the artwork for SOONER OR LATER!

 Do you have a question or feedback for us?

Thanks for a great interview!

Love and Kisses to Kat <3


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